Universal AC Power Source & AC Power Analyzer


Front (100W) und hinten (2000W) Universal-Ausgang Sockets

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  • Standby Power Measurement (10mW to 100W) for desktop and notebook PCs, LCD TVs, AC adaptor/chargers
  • For testing products from 85 to 250VAC, 45 to 65Hz
  • Standard Power Measurement:

    • 100mW to 1000W (110V)
    • 100mW to 2000W (220V)
  • Power Quality Measurement (Watts, Power Factor, Voltage, Current, Harmonics)
  • Cost Function calculates cost per day, month, and year
  • 99 memory locations for preset voltage and frequency output settings
  • User-programmable Over Current Protection
  • Programmable through the built-in RS-232 interface
  • Data acquisition mode captures readings to your PC with a user-programmable sampling rate of 2 to 65,535 seconds
  • Complete with AC power cord, RS-232 to USB cable and software



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